Electric Wheelchair-Structural Analysis of Electric Wheelchair and Solar Electric Wheelchair

Specific structure analysis of electric wheelchair and solar electric wheelchair
  1. Ordinary manual wheelchair

Ordinary manual wheelchair is a kind of structure wheelchair, which can only be pushed by hand and needs to be accompanied all the time. The other shape is similar to the previous one, except that the rear wheel is a large wheel, which can be pushed by the caregiver, or the passenger can manually drive and turn the large wheel slowly and independently in a small range.

Ordinary manual wheelchair
Ordinary manual wheelchair

These two kinds of wheelchairs are more steel tube structures, with a minimum mass of 13kg and a price of more than 600 yuan; Another kind of wheelchair is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with a minimum mass of 8kg and a price of more than 1400 yuan. It can be seen that the mass can be reduced by 40% and the price should be increased to 130% when the steel car body is upgraded to aluminum alloy car body.

  1. Electric wheelchair
Electric wheelchair
Electric wheelchair

(1) Electric wheelchair structure. The structure of the electric wheelchair is a universal type of left-right folding, equipped with two wheel hubs, motor wheels and two sets of batteries. The aluminum body includes a battery weighing 30kg (which should be the lighter one of this type). It is a portable electric wheelchair folded back and forth. Only one set of batteries drives two wheel hub motor wheels.

(2) Comparison of several wheelchairs. At present, most of the widely used electric wheelchairs are steel wheelchairs, weighing more than 45kg. The quality of electric wheelchair is much higher than that of manual wheelchair, and the price is much higher. Some intelligent electric wheelchairs with special functions are more expensive. The wheelchair with aluminum alloy lithium battery can greatly reduce the mass. If you want to buy some lithium battery products, you can go to tycorun lithium battery to buy them.

(3) Foldable electric wheelchair. The electric wheelchair is also foldable and easy to carry. At present, many high-end electric wheelchair controllers are still imported, and their price is also high. Therefore, it is very important to improve the quality of domestic controllers and develop high-end new controllers.

(4) Special wheelchairs. With the improvement of people’s living standards and diversified needs, the design and manufacture of special wheelchairs or luxury wheelchairs is an emerging field. For example, the wheelchair that can sit and lie, the wheelchair that can climb stairs and various special wheelchairs have higher added value. The price is 8000 ~ 16000 yuan, and some are even as high as 50000 ~ 60000 yuan. Their components are basically the same, but the structure of the chair body that needs to complete the functions is different. They need to be designed on demand and manufactured in a single piece or small batch, If additive manufacturing (3D printing) is introduced, the design and manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced. Special wheelchairs are divided into hard seat, soft seat, pneumatic tire or solid tire according to different models and prices. The utility model is characterized in that the pedal can be raised and lowered, the chair body can rotate 90 °, part of the support can be adjusted to the horizontal position, and the backrest can be adjusted to the horizontal position by sections or arbitrarily without sections (equivalent to a bed); It has one hand control device, which can move forward, backward and turn, and can be used indoors and outdoors; It can be designed with special materials. Generally, aluminum alloy or light materials are used to help stand or walk. Germany has developed a kind of intelligent wheelchair that can automatically serve the disabled in the whole process. When the owner lies on the bed and reaches out his hand, the wheelchair will automatically come to the front of the bed and align with the bedside. After the owner turns over from the bed to the wheelchair, the wheelchair will automatically walk out of the door to the kitchen cabinet in a sitting position. When the owner changes to a standing position, take out food from the cabinet, and then change to a sitting position to eat at the table by himself, After eating, you can automatically walk out of the kitchen door, down the stairs to the car side of the parking lot, aim at the door to send the owner to the car, and pick up the owner from the car to return home after work. From this, it can be seen that the design and manufacturing of electric wheelchairs is a sunrise industry on the supply side with high scientific and technological content, which is in great demand for the elderly and the disabled but easy to be ignored.

Special wheelchair
Portable intelligent disabled special wheelchair
  1. Development of combined electric wheelchair

(1) Structure of combined electric wheelchair. Due to the large number and wide use of manual wheelchairs, it is not easy to eliminate them all. Whether to add some parts to the existing manual wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs into electric wheelchairs or even solar electric wheelchairs is a new topic worthy of research.

(2) Structure of electric tractor. The electric tractor is composed of electric wheel hub and wheel, control handlebar, control and display instrument and battery. All equipment are installed on a light magnesium alloy hollow profile to form a 50 × seventy-five × Electric tractor with a weight of 5kg of 100mm (without telescopic handlebar). Connect the handle connector with the lower longitudinal bar of the wheelchair to drag the wheelchair to run at the speed of 6km / h. The controller can control the wheelchair to start, stop, move forward, retreat, decelerate and accelerate. Its parameters can be displayed on the electronic display screen. If the electric tractor is equipped with an aluminum alloy manual wheelchair, the total weight is less than 13.5kg, the cost will be increased by 800 yuan (excluding battery), and the quality is about 1 / 2 of that of the same wheelchair and 1 / 4 of the cost price. The more prominent advantage of the scheme is that the original wheelchair can be used without damage and can be easily disassembled and assembled.

  1. solar powered electric wheelchair

(1) Composition of solar powered electric wheelchair. As long as the electric wheelchair is equipped with a solar charging umbrella, it can become a solar electric wheelchair. Compared with the original structure, the vehicle weight of the solar electric wheelchair is less than 3kg, and the cost increase will not exceed 1000 yuan.

(2) Solar charging umbrella. The 100W solar panel of the solar charging umbrella is connected with the wheelchair by a detachable intubation, which can block the sun and rain. At the same time, it is equivalent to buying a 100W charging treasure to charge the battery of the electric wheelchair, as well as the mobile phone and tablet computer.

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