Solar energy is used in lights, charging stations and photovoltaic trees

Solar energy is used in lights, charging stations and photovoltaic trees

1) LED lights and glorious projects
(1) Comparison of several kinds of lamps.
The carbon emission comparison of incandescent lamps, traditional fluorescent lamps, energy-saving fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps with the same brightness is shown in Table 1.

100W incandescent lamp use 6hUse this as a comparison standardEmission 0.382kgCO2
40W traditional fluorescent lamp use 6hPower saving 60W (60%)Emission 0.152kgCO2
28W energy-saving fluorescent lamp use 6hPower saving 72W (72%)Emission of 0.107kgCO2
11W energy-saving lamp use 6hPower saving 89W (89%)Emission 0.042kgCO2
Table 1 Comparison of several lamps with the same brightness

⑵LED light source. The LED light source is a semiconductor light-emitting diode. Its structure is shown in Figure 1. It directly converts electricity into light. Its characteristics are: ①Small size, low power consumption, and high brightness. The working voltage is 2~3.6V, the working current is 0.02~0.03A, and the energy consumption is only 1/10 of that of the incandescent tungsten bulb. ②The service life is as long as 100,000 hours. ③ Vibration resistant and not easy to break. ④The white light of seven-color combination is used for lighting. ⑤ Monochromatic light and monochromatic light combination are used for brilliance and environmental beautification projects as shown in Figure 2 (b), (c), (d). ⑥LED light source is low-voltage DC power supply, which is consistent with the output of solar power generation, so it is easy to make various solar LED lights, such as garden lights, insecticidal lights, and street lights, which are widely used and have formed a new industry.

Solar energy is used in lights, charging stations and photovoltaic trees
Figure 1 Structure principle and application of LED light source
Solar energy is used in lights, charging stations and photovoltaic trees
Figure 2 LED typical application legend

2) Photovoltaic street lamp charging station
One of the bottlenecks in the development of electric vehicles is the difficulty of charging. Now solar street lights have been widely used, and cases of using existing solar street lights to build charging piles have been reported. In the past, incandescent lamps or general energy-saving lamps were used as street lamps. If you switch to LED lamps, you can save energy by 1/10~1/5. The saved energy can be used to recharge the car. When building a new street lamp, you can consider a multi-purpose design. The establishment of a photovoltaic street lamp charging station is shown in Figure 3(a).

Solar energy is used in lights, charging stations and photovoltaic trees
Figure 3 New application of photovoltaic power generation-photovoltaic street lamp charging station and photovoltaic tree

3) Photovoltaic tree
Photovoltaic trees are shown in Figure 3(b). The principle is to hang photovoltaic panels on the “trunk” piece by piece like leaves, exchange space for area, and effectively use the space area to install photovoltaic power generation systems.

(1) The characteristics of photovoltaic trees. The photovoltaic tree is a combination of photovoltaic power generation systems and various bionic trees. It is a multi-purpose power generation device with multiple functions. More than a dozen proprietary technologies have been obtained on this device, and it is a scientific and technological innovation product with great application prospects. .
At present, a large photovoltaic tree with an installed capacity of more than 200kW has been successfully designed, with an annual power generation capacity of 200,000 to 300,000 kWh. One tree can meet the electricity demand of most villages. It is currently the largest photovoltaic tree in the world. Tree.
(2) The application prospects of photovoltaic trees. Under the photovoltaic tree, it can provide shade and rain, leisure and entertainment, charging and parking, and planting of flowers and vegetables. It can not only provide a wealth of shared space for people’s activities, but also provide electricity for the city’s green development. At the same time, the photovoltaic tree design has both energy storage and Internet functions. If it can be promoted, it will have a huge impact on the transformation of energy use.

The previous article described the solar energy is used in refrigerators and air conditioners. This article will describe the use of solar energy for LED lights and glorious projects, Photovoltaic street lamp charging station and Photovoltaic tree