Performance and application of aluminum plastic composite platen

Performance and application of aluminum plastic composite platen
  1. Basic and performance of composite board

Composite boards generally use hard materials as the surface layer and low-density materials as the core. The former is used to improve the strength, and the latter is used to increase the thickness and stiffness of the board, which also has the performance of thermal insulation. The surface layer of hard material can be engineering plastic or metal material, and the core layer is generally light material.

(1) Performance comparison and stiffness calculation method of composite plate structure. Figure 1.12 lists the performance comparison and stiffness calculation formula of several composite plates. It can be seen from the figure that the rigidity of the three-layer composite plate is much higher than that of the solid material under the same plate weight. The figure also lists the stiffness calculation formula of the three-layer composite plate and the quality of different combinations of aluminum plastic plate and aluminum alloy, stainless steel and engineering plastic plate in different layer thickness combinations.

Performance comparison and stiffness calculation method of several composite plates

(2) Thickness and quality of aluminum Pt plastic aluminum composite plates of different combination series. See Figure 1.13 for the comparison of three combined aluminum-plastic plates and three solid materials. It can be seen from the figure that the weight reduction effect of composite plate is much better than that of solid material.

Comparison of three kinds of composite aluminum-plastic plates and three kinds of solid materials

(3) Performance comparison of two kinds of composite plates. There are great differences in the properties of composite plates with different material combinations and thickness combinations. See Figure 1.14 for the performance comparison. It can be seen from the figure that the performance of aluminum-plastic plate is greatly improved than that of plastic plate in all aspects. Each thickness combination is different, and the performance is also different. Therefore, when selecting composite plate, we must fully understand the material combination of composite plate and the performance of the plate with thickness combination. In addition to mechanical properties, the composite board also has heat preservation, heat insulation and corrosion resistance. When there are special requirements, the composite board should also have fire prevention and other special properties.

Performance comparison of two kinds of composite plates

(4) Stiffness of composite plate. In the design and use of structures, in addition to the strength requirements, more attention is often paid to the stiffness requirements. The advantage of composite plate also lies in improving the stiffness of the material. See Figure 1.15 for the calculation method and example of the stiffness of composite plate and the comparison with the stiffness of equal mass solid metal plate. Due to the increase of TC, the bending stiffness and shear stiffness are greatly increased. For example, TC is increased from 10mm to 30mm, the bending stiffness is increased to 8 times, and the shear stiffness is increased to nearly 3 times. If it is a closed central control profile, its torsional stiffness will also be greatly increased.

Stiffness comparison of equal mass solid metal plate
  1. Aluminum plastic composite plate

(1) Structure and application of aluminum plastic plate. The plate with aluminum plastic core is called aluminum plastic composite plate, as shown in Figure 1.16. Goods are available on the market. The structure of aluminum-plastic plate is a new material made of aluminum plate with surface oxidation treatment and coating baking paint as the surface, polyethylene and polypropylene plastic as the core layer, and processed and compounded through a series of processes. It can be widely used in various architectural decorations. In developed countries, aluminum-plastic plate is also used as sound insulation materials for automobile and train body manufacturing, aircraft and ships.

(2) Characteristics of aluminum plastic plate materials. The material characteristics of aluminum plastic plate are ① economy. It has high cost performance and good self-cleaning. It can be cleaned with detergent and water. After cleaning, the plate will be as new as ever. ② Durability. Fluorocarbon coated aluminum-plastic plate has the characteristics of durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance and so on. ③ Light weight. Aluminum plastic plate is made of aluminum alloy and high-quality plastic, which is much lighter than other decorative materials, reducing the burden of material quality, convenient construction and short construction period. ④ Workability. Easy to cut, cut, gouge, bend into arc angle and other shapes, and can design and make products of various shapes. ⑤ Fire resistance. The outer aluminum box of the aluminum-plastic plate can protect the polyethylene core material and has a certain heat insulation and flame retardant function. ⑥ Environmental protection. The surface layer will not change and will not pollute the environment. ⑦ High strength. The use of high-quality surface aluminum has high strength, which greatly improves the strength of aluminum-plastic plate, with compression resistance, vibration resistance, leakage resistance, lightning protection and impact resistance. ③ Flat and colorful. The flat surface and various colors can meet the designer’s high-quality design and achieve perfect decorative effect.

Structure, performance and application of aluminum plastic plate

(3) Typical products of aluminum plastic plate. Its main technical parameters are shown in Figure 1.17. The surface coating is fluorocarbon resin (PVDF), polyester resin (PET) and other imitation marble and imitation wood grain surfaces; The fireproof and flame-retardant core material is high-pressure low-density polyethylene (PE), and special size, color and specification can be customized according to customer needs. It can be seen from the performance parameters and characteristics in the figure that the aluminum-plastic plate can be applied in many aspects, which is light, cheap, good in quality, easy to process and easy to clean.

Main technical parameters of typical aluminum plastic plate products

(4) Application and promotion of multilayer composite board. Aluminum plastic panels are not only used in building walls, but also in car body skins, tables, chairs and furniture. In this way, multi-layer composite panels can play an important role in vehicle lightweight and cost reduction.

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