Comparison of Gogoro vs TYCORUN ENERGY Battery Swapping

Comparison of Gogoro vs TYCORUN ENERGY Battery Swapping

Constructing two-wheeler electric bike battery swap stations involves not only providing electric vehicle battery sharing services but also considering swappable battery maintenance, staggered deployment, and compatibility with various electric vehicles. This requires collaborative efforts among battery factories, electric vehicle manufacturers, battery swap station companies, and other entities.

About Gogoro’s Battery Swapping

As a prominent brand in Taiwan’s electric two-wheeled vehicle industry, Gogoro remains a significant market player due to its early mover advantage and robust battery swapping network. Renowned motorcycle companies like Yamaha have aligned with Gogoro’s power-exchange system for their electric vehicle products.

About TYCORUN ENERGY’s Battery Swapping

TYCORUN ENERGY stands as the first mainland Chinese company to integrate the entire two-wheeled vehicle battery swapping supply chain. Serving as a platform-level entity for the complete industrial chain of battery swapping, TYCORUN provides comprehensive solutions encompassing technology research, manufacturing, supply chain management, and operational services.

Introduction to Gogoro’s Battery Swapping Station

Gogoro’s battery swapping station utilizes a hard link for charging, employing a wireless charging method. Users directly insert a depleted battery into the empty slot of the swapping cabinet, and the station’s system records the battery information. The system automatically replaces it with a fully charged battery, akin to street-side phone charging banks. This rapid process takes only seconds, initiating automatic charging once the battery is inserted into the swapping station.

Introduction to TYCORUN’s Battery Swapping Station

In contrast, TYCORUN’s swapping station utilizes a soft connection and features cabinet doors for battery protection. Users initiate the process by scanning a code or swiping a card to deduct the fee. The empty cabinet door opens automatically, allowing users to place the depleted battery inside, connecting it to the charging cable within. Once closed, the cabinet door containing the fully charged battery automatically opens for retrieval.

Battery Features: Gogoro vs TYCORUN

TYCORUN’s swappable battery modules include a 4G module and positioning system, enabling remote monitoring of internal voltage, current, temperature, and SOC. These batteries support individual rental or sale and offer flexible charging based on days, months, or usage frequency.

Notably, TYCORUN’s batteries employ a waterproof, dustproof, insulating, thermally conductive, corrosion-resistant, and shockproof glue filling process, ensuring superior insulation and high heat resistance compared to standard batteries. They also allow customization in size, fitting any TYCORUN battery swap station, catering to various electric motorcycle users’ needs.

Comparative Analysis: Gogoro vs TYCORUN

For prospective battery swap station operators, Gogoro’s standardized sales approach offers convenience and safety but demands a higher budget. Conversely, operators with existing motorcycles can opt for TYCORUN, which provides customizable batteries and a comprehensive all-in-one solution, including chargers, catering to customers’ specific needs.

Station Slot Capacity: Gogoro vs TYCORUN

Gogoro’s stations can house up to 40 slots, suitable for busy areas like business districts or gathering spots for delivery personnel. TYCORUN offers stations with 5, 8, and 12 slots, catering to residential or suburban areas, suitable for multiple locations within business districts.

Link Method: Gogoro vs TYCORUN

Gogoro employs a hard link charging method, directly connecting the battery to the station, providing user convenience but incurring higher production and management costs due to frequent usage, potentially leading to connectivity issues.

TYCORUN’s soft connection method is durable and cost-effective, offering double protection for batteries through cabinet doors, ensuring durability against environmental factors, and garnering popularity among operators due to lower costs.

Service Comparison: Gogoro vs TYCORUN

TYCORUN ENERGY provides comprehensive one-stop solutions, including batteries, motorcycles, platforms, and assists in digital model planning for profit-making swap points in designated areas. They also offer management training and timely support for station-related issues, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Both Gogoro and TYCORUN ENERGY prioritize user safety, convenience, and high-energy intelligent power standards, fostering a professional service ecosystem with collaborative manufacturers, benefiting both business and end-users, creating a symbiotic win-win cooperation cycle.